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Fungal Nail Treatment Melbourne | Taylors Lakes Podiatry Clinic
Fungal Nail Treatment Melbourne | Taylors Lakes Podiatry Clinic

Taylors Lakes Podiatry Clinic is dedicated to being a part of the Keilor Downs community by providing the most caring and effective podiatric treatment the area can offer. Our podiatrists provide specialised care plans for every patient. We believe that since every patient is different, their care should be individualised for their needs and met with as many treatment options as possible. Amongst the conditions we manage, fungal nails is one of the most common, and with innovative treatment through photodynamic therapy, we can provide fast-acting management.

Fungal nails: what causes them?

Nail fungus is a common condition that causes the toenails to turn yellow and painfully thicken. The appearance of the nails can also vary and appear brittle and ragged, disfigured, dark coloured from build-up under the nail, and may even have an odour. Fungal nail infections can be caused by a variety of factors that result in the development of fungal organisms. For older people, fungal nails are often the result of diabetes, low blood flow and a weaker immune system. Younger people or very active individuals may get fungal nails from excessive sweating, walking barefoot (especially in damp communal areas like a pool or gym), or athlete’s foot. You can prevent nail fungus by washing your feet regularly, wearing socks and shoes that are absorbent and made from breathable material, and using antifungal powders or wearing shoes in communal areas. If you do need podiatric treatment because your nails become discoloured, misshapen and painful, we can help manage your fungal nails with the assistance of the most friendly and expert podiatrists in Keilor Downs area.

Innovative and non-invasive treatment

Our non-invasive photodynamic therapy treatment can help rid your fungal nails within just a few treatments! Using photochemical reactions and photosensitive gel, light and oxygen kills the fungal cells. The gel contains a dye that specifically targets fungal cell walls, making them vulnerable to the photodynamic light. This destroys the cell walls of the fungus without harming any of the healthy tissue near it. We first reduce the thickness of the infected nail and then apply the photodynamic gel to the nail. After ten minutes the PACT light is shown on the nail and then begins destroying the fungal cells. Painless and time efficient, PACT treatment sessions are scheduled based on the severity of your infection. As one of the only podiatric clinics in the western suburbs that offers photodynamic therapy, we are proud and committed to providing high quality, friendly and effective treatment for fungal nail infections and any other podiatric needs.

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Foot Pain | Heal Pain | Plantar Fasciiitis | Melbourne | Taylors Lakes Podiatry Clinic
Foot Pain | Heal Pain | Plantar Fasciiitis | Melbourne | Taylors Lakes Podiatry Clinic

Do you have problems with your feet? Do you suffer from sore heels? Foot pain first thing after getting up in the morning? Our highly experienced podiatrists can treat these and many other foot-related issues. Our friendly and caring professionals are here to help. If you are looking for an exceptional local podiatrist in Sydenham or Taylors Lakes, look no further than Taylors Lakes Podiatry Clinic.

How we can help manage foot pain

A common issue podiatrists treat is plantar fasciitis. When there is inflammation in the connecting tissue between your heel and the ball of your foot, pain can occur in the arch or heel. This can cause discomfort, especially in the morning after your feet have been resting all night. There are many different factors that contribute to plantar fasciitis, such as the way you walk, exercise, or even the shoes you wear.

If you suffer from heel and arch pain, you do not need to suffer alone. We can help figure out what is causing this condition and create a personalised plan for treatment and pain management. Our podiatrists are experienced in treating plantar fasciitis and are more than happy to help.

How else can we help?

Our clinic provides many services, including:

  • General podiatry
  • Ingrown toenail treatment
  • Children’s foot care
  • Diabetes foot care
  • Sports podiatry
  • Orthotics
  • Heel pain & plantar fasciitis treatment
  • Photodynamic (PACT) Therapy for fungal toenails

There are many reasons why people visit a podiatrist, and our clinic is no different. We are happy to examine your feet and help treat your foot problems. Whether it’s corns, warts, customised shoe inserts, or blood flow issues, we can help.

More about our clinic

We are a new and forward-thinking clinic, having opened in February 2018, and are proud to serve the community at our Taylors Lakes Podiatry Clinic.

We have been operating out of Oak Park Foot Clinic since 2015 and have highly experienced podiatrists on our staff. We also have one of the two PACT machines in the western suburbs for treating fungal toenails.

We pride ourselves on personalised care. We realise that everyone is different, and therefore understand the importance of helping each person and their unique symptoms with a patient-specific, individualised approach. Our friendly and professional podiatrists are experienced in caring for feet of all different shapes and sizes.

Get help from a podiatrist in Sydenham

If you are suffering from any of the issues mentioned above, or feel you need to have your feet examined by a local Sydenham podiatrist, you can make an appointment online hereor call us on (03) 8361 5802. Our exceptional, experienced staff will work hard to help you and your feet feel better, with a personalised management strategy utterly unique to you.

Foot Pain | Heal Pain | Plantar Fasciiitis | Melbourne | Taylors Lakes Podiatry Clinic

The Best Fungal Toe Nail Treatment

Fungal Nail Treatment Melbourne | Taylors Lakes Podiatry Clinic
Fungal Nail Treatment Melbourne | Taylors Lakes Podiatry Clinic

Do you suffer from thick, discoloured, ragged or brittle toenails due to a fungal infection? Are you looking for the best toenail fungus treatment? Instead of using at-home therapies which never really work, or taking oral medications which can have adverse side effects, there is another option. Toenail fungus treatment does not have to be frustrating.

We offer an alternative treatment to oral medication and medicated nail lacquers which is safe and also effective for fungal toenail treatment. Our office, conveniently located in Taylors Lakes, is home to a dedicated Photodynamic Therapy machine. Our friendly and helpful staff can help you with combatting toenail fungus, helping prevent future infections and permanent damage to nails by offering a personalised plan for your care.

How we help you

Our amiable and caring staff understand that every patient is unique, so we make sure to tailor every management and treatment plan to each person. To ensure that your fungal toe nail treatment is specially designed for what you need, we provide a personalised approach to foot care.

We have a unique Photodynamic Therapy (PACT) machine for toenail fungus treatment. PACT machines are few and far between, and our practice has one of only two in the western suburbs. These machines offer some of the best toenail fungus treatment because unlike oral medications they do not have harmful side effects such as liver damage. PACT treatment is also more successful than applying anti-fungal nail lacquers because it has a better penetration through the nail and can more easily destroy the fungal cells.

How PACT works

The PACT machine works by killing fungal cells using photochemical reactions between a gel, a special light, and oxygen. The treatment involves placing a photosensitive gel onto your affected nail. The gel bonds to your nail and the fungus in about ten minutes. Then, we expose the affected nail to light from the machine for nine and a half minutes which kills the fungal cells. The light exposure will not affect any healthy skin surrounding the treated area.

Before the treatment, the podiatrist will use a specialised instrument to thin the nail. If you have more severe fungus, we may also give you some highly concentrated urea to apply to the nail between treatments. Depending on how severe the case of fungal infection, the number of treatment sessions will vary.

Why choose us for toenail fungus treatment?

Our high standards for care and individualised treatment plans for fungal toe nail treatment make Taylors Lakes Podiatry Clinic an exceptional option for your foot care needs. Our specialised equipment offers a safe alternative to other methods of treatment for fungal infections. We know how important proper foot care is, and we will provide the best toenail fungus treatment we can, to help you and your feet feel better again.

Our helpful podiatrists, reasonable prices, and specific plans for care are just some of the reasons to come to us for toenail fungus treatment. Click here to make an appointment online.